Samoa Artesian Water.

After seeing an opportunity back in 2008 to take a local artesian water to the world, Grey Investment Group created the brand Samoa Artesian Water; Samoa’s first and only greenfields natural water export plant.

In 2006, the Group discovered a large water aquifer that sits under a lush volcanic terrain on one of the remotest plantations in Samoa. The water is gradually filtered through the unique tropical ecosystem and naturally fills the aquifer. This combination makes it the ideal location to create a water plant and also helps provide it with the purest waters in the world, due to it’s remote location away from impurities and city pollution. Grey Investment Group commissioned Supply, a world renowned design and interactive company, to assist on the creation of the brand and marketing. The water plant took over two years to develop and launch, and after the official opening in 2008 saw the water plant start to mass produce the water to take on the likes of Fiji Water. The initial build cost came in at $8m USD and the plant is currently fulfilling orders for Australian, New Zealand, Mexico, US and Asian markets.

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